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My Projects

My Projects

Gain Ltd
Fitness/Gym Company

This is a conecept landing page I designed for a new Fitness gym company. The site slogan (Feel the Burn) is animated.

This can be checked out on the Desktop Site

Kevin Dann
Digital Business Card

I designed this Digital Business Card to be linked to an NFC card to replace standard business cards

3D Printer Info Site

This is a desktop and mobile friendly site I created for beginners going into the world of 3D Printing.

rollerUK subReddit

This design is for a sub Reddit skating company that needed a full website. Using Javascript quotes pop up on the right with different quotes each time.

This can be checked out on the Desktop Site


Web Developement and Design
3D Printing and Design

I have been Web Developing for a while now as well as 3D Printing for a few years.
As the next generation of businesses start to unfold, I hope to be at the forfront of the Dev industry
helping new and upcoming businesses take their place in this digital age and push their company
out to the real world to help them grow and expand.

Check out my Social Network and 3D Printing page here

What do I offer?

Website Design


Working with you, I will design and produce a Website for you or your company. Using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript together we will design a website that will bring out the best in what you have to offer.

3D Printing

Whether you are making a proto-type or have just seen something you like and want it 3D printed for yourself, I can print it using a range of materials to suite your needs, as well as a range of different colours.

Email me for more info

For more info drop me an Email